Life sucks

Does it? I’m fortunate enough to live in a country with universal health care, clean tap water and public transport, yet people still complain saying: “My life sucks.” I’m not here to say they don’t have any internal or external problems, but I do have another point to make and that point is – it […]

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Is Your Food Blocking The Light?

The previous two elements of the living light focused on the external circumstances which affect you state and today I want to wrap up the holy trinity with food. Seemingly unimportant, but in reality carrying a lot of baggage and groggy mental states. What do you feel after drinking chocolate milk? What do you feel […]

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Living Light

I love this title because it communicates a lot. It communicates minimalism, it communicates life and most importantly it communicates the positive vision that I am working towards, you are working towards and everyone else is working towards. Everyone is trying to live light, but some people are unconsciously sabotaging themselves. There’s nothing inherently wrong […]

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Exercises For Grounding

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I promote mindfulness and getting in touch with your body. If you ever feel uneasy or stressed it’s because you’re not grounded in your body and mindful. Don’t judge yourself for experiencing confusion or anxiety – instead, just observe them and their power over you will […]

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